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The Sellery Circus is, currently, a very early-stage prototype of what I hope to develop into a longer visual novel that tells the story of Stick O. Sellery and Tommy A. Toe, two oddball characters whose designs are based on celery and tomatoes.

I created this prototype for a class, but I had created the characters and basic premise much earlier, and have always wanted to do something with them. My hope is that I'll be able to develop The Sellery Circus into a much more polished and well-realized passion project in the future. For now, I hope you enjoy the beginning of the story of Stick O. Sellery and Tommy A. Toe.


  • All music is from Miitopia, which is owned and copyrighted by Nintendo.
  • "Button Click 1" by Mellau on freesound.org
  • "Please write me a song" font by Vanessa Bays: http://bythebutterfly.com


Windows 64 bit 11 MB
Windows 32 bit 11 MB
application.macosx.zip 81 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder and run the exe or .app file.

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